Serving Continental United States & Hawaii

3D Virtual Construction/Designs by David can facilitate your every project need from consulting to project completion. Below are the features that can be utilized individually or as grouped packages.

  1. Project Consulting: Expert consulting when your project needs suggestions and professional guidance.
  2. 2D Project Plans: Whether your project is large or small, well-thought-out plans are your key to an organized project. (See “Plans” on our Home Page).
  3. On-Site Paint Layout Services: This helps you visualize your layout on the ground to better understand orientation and placement.
  4. 3D Virtual Construction Modeling: This valuable service allows a detailed visual glimpse of your future project providing the opportunity to make adjustments before changing costly construction. We also offer a benefit called “view it before you do it” which allows our clients to make decisions in a familiar visual method instead of just imagining what their project will look like from a 2D plan. (See “3D Virtual Construction” on the Home Page).
  5. 3D Design Illustration Services: When our suggested design ideas are not required, we can illustrate your ideas and bring them to life.
  6. Architectural Replication Modeling: Whether you are either the architect or the client, taking the architectural 2D design and bringing it to life helps you understand every detail.
  7. Residential and Commercial Replication Modeling: For various reasons in residential and commercial applications, replicating existing structures, property, or landscaping is a helpful tool to visualize and assess future projects through a bird’s eye view.
  8. Custom Support Services.
  9. Themed Residential Resort Project Research.            
  10. Orientation Placement Layout Plots.
  11. Project Special Feature Research.
  12. Project Hardware and Materials Research.
  13. Contractor Bidding Pack Development.
  14. Project Bid Wrangling Service.
  15. Local Building Code Requirements Research.