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Construction Support Services

Construction support services were developed as a result of David’s extensive 49-year background in the construction industry as well as design client relationships. Analyzing many inherent unpleasantries through the construction process, David and his team have developed a comprehensive system that presents the clarity that is necessary to better the relationship between the client and contractors. By effectively developing that important missing link between the client, contractor, and on-site laborer, this service reduces the severity and frequency of unmet expectations, misunderstandings, frustrations, change orders, re-dos, project delays, and regrets to mention a few.

This system starts with, but is not limited to, the below-listed items:

Better Understood Project Bidding:

  • 3D Virtual construction modeling designs, with our matching scale detailed item numbered plans, leave nothing unaccounted for, to better facilitate the contractor’s ability to produce a complete scope of work bid.

Pre-construction Client Contractor Meeting: (on or off site)

  • This imperative meeting consists of all parties involved in the project scope of work to discuss, but not limited to, construction item assignments, roles and responsibilities, rules of engagement, timelines, and client expectations, just to mention a few.

Project Developer Consulting:

  • Project design and plan developer available for bidding or construction clarification consulting.

Material and Hardware Selections:

  • Establish prior hardware and material selections for contractor application approval and pre-ordering.

Project Creative Director:

  • Assisting clients/contractors if necessary as the project design creative developer to bring the project vision details to completion.