Serving Continental United States & Hawaii

About Your Team

  • David, CEO, Leading the team as certified award-winning “Designologist.” David offers a unique fusion of professional training and over 49 years in the construction and design industry along with over 38 years in 3D computer design, generating in excess of 25,000 virtual designs. His creative experience, passion, and ongoing training assures his clients of an unparalleled creative experience and value.

  • Kimberly, wife and partner,  brings 15 years of administrative experience as well as company CFO for 16 years, project coordinator, and director of communications.

  • Jack is celebrating 19 years as chief plan developer, replication modeling, lead construction development director, co-designer, and lead project site surveyor.

  • Gavin is the newest member of the family business heading up our marketing department, co-designer, and project site surveyor assistant.