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How it Works


Congratulations! You are on your way to discovering a better way to design, plan, and build your next project.

Please review our site and proceed to the contact page where you will find additional information to help us better understand your project needs and scope of work.

Email or text us to set a phone conference to discuss your scope of work and arrange for an on-site project analysis (PSA).


Telephone: (559) 352-5327

If your project site is existing or under construction and at a framing stage, let’s meet on-site. If you’re at the plot/plan phase, let’s meet at our conference room.

In most cases we can accommodate you with a on site project fee assessment of your scope of work and services. If expediting your project is not necessary our proposal will be sent to you for your review with the information provided in our initial meeting outlining your project scope of work and services.

We will then start the step by step process with the project site gridding (PSG)/replication development, project idea flavor board, orientation placement plotting just to mention a few of our project processes to develop your preliminary 3D virtual scale model. With the necessary revision adjustments per your request we then create a detailed matching scale plan for bidding. We then export your bidding pack to your contractors or our selected team of contractors (Note: our selected contractors only available in the central CA base area).

Review the project fee assessment proposal and contact us with any further questions. When your ready to retain our services, approve the agreement/proposal and retain our services.

After your project is virtually designed in scale detail, and your plans are developed with clarity, it’s time to have the project bid and built. With our unparalleled construction support services, you have the option of us being with you all along the way.