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Design & Development of Residential Resorts

Design & Development of Residential Resorts

Welcome to the Future of Design, Planning & Construction

Thank you for inquiring about our very unique services. Our services range from project consult 2D scale plans, 3D virtual scale modeling and construction support services. Our team of dedicated professionals will bring your ideas to life. We specialize in creating residential resort living environments, large or small with purpose, function, social flow and fun!

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Our effective tool of 3D virtual scale construction modeling (not just unbuildable 3D concept design) will turn your vision into an accurate depiction showing every detail necessary for construction. Our unique services are the necessary steps to successful construction starting with scale 3D virtual construction designs accompanied by our scale matching detailed plans. This provides a comprehensive universal understanding of the full scope of work for your project to help resolve misunderstandings and avoid incomplete bids which result in an excess of change orders, project delays and unmet expectations.

We have found that for successful, less stressful construction project it is imperative that your completed project vision is clear to you, the contractor, and most importantly, the on-site laborers. The featured video link below outlines our very unique services.

Featured Services

Below is an example of our featured services. Our services accommodate residential and commercial clients with projects large or small, simple to extravagant. We provide these services for owner/builder, contractor or our team of contractors.

“We design for build and we are there to back up the design at build.”

2D Scale Plans Basic to Level 5

Every project needs a plan to map out with purpose and direction depicting the scope of the work to be done, the project details for material assessment, and the overall project layout. Your plans are as important as a map in an unfamiliar place.

3D Virtual Construction Scale Modeling

3D virtual construction scale modeling, allowing you to see your project in every detail and identify and solve dozens of construction issues before construction, reducing or eliminating delays and excessive change orders during the construction process.

Construction Support Services

Construction support services were developed as a result of David’s extensive 45 year background in the construction industry as well as design client relationships. Analyzing many  inherent unpleasantries through the construction process,

Featured Design Projects

Featured Completed Projects

These featured projects were created and completed with the following 3D Virtual Construction/Designs by David services, project consulting, 3D virtual construction design modeling, project plans, construction support services and David as project creative director. Most of these projects where built by our preferred team of contractors and others with the clients preferred contractors accompanied with our construction support services and David as creative project director.


Note: 3D Virtual Scale Modeling is a build as you see it designed for build service with 2D matching scale plans.