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3D Virtual Construction Modeling

3D VIRTUAL CONSTRUCTION MODELING is unique. It’s most often confused with 3D computer concept designing which is primarily utilized by the swimming pool industry and landscape companies. Concept designing, by definition, is merely a concept of an idea, not to scale, and is potentially unbuildable.

3D Virtual Construction Modeling Fresno, CA however, is a scaled and detailed “AS YOU SEE IT, YOU CAN BUILD IT” glimpse of your vision brought to life. Our 3D Virtual Scale Modeling process starts with extracting ideas from our clients, fusing them with our creative experience then illustrating your vision. This is then turned into a visual, taking into consideration, your target budget. This process is exciting, effective, and meant to be universally understood by all parties involved, including the client, contractor, and highly-skilled laborer.

3D Virtual Construction Scale Modeling allows our clients to not only see but to experience their project in every detail before construction. This “VIEW IT BEFORE YOU DO IT” method allows our clients to avoid mistaken, second-guess decisions that may generate additional costs and cause construction delays. Creating this universally understood virtual detailed model leaves little to the imagination.