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honesty and integrity and along with their excellent design skills

David and his team came out to the house, took time to get to know us and learn about our family and lifestyle, and then did a backyard master plan that included a pool design, kitchen, fire pit and several sitting areas. Prior to getting the plans, they measured every part of the backyard so their plans also included the house, back patio, and existing landscaping and was all done to scale.It went great. They were professional and responsive right from the first phone call. Their concepts and plans are creative and unique and included the actual pool plans and drawings the county would need for a pool permit. Their service also includes 3D looks from several angles so the untrained eye can easily visualize what the finished product will look like. We are anxious to get started and comforted to know that their service also includes help with choosing contractors and ongoing design advice.  One of the things that impressed me the most was that after we met, figured out what we wanted and then agreed on a price, I was informed later that the final price would be $400 less than what was originally quoted. They finished our design in less time than they originally thought it would take and then passed on the savings in labor to us -- I was pretty amazed by this. I cannot remember another time when I agreed to a service and a price, only to find out later that the price came down significantly -- to me, it is a testament to their honesty and integrity and along with their excellent design skills, makes me more than willing to recommend them.Based on our experience with David and his team, I would give them my highest recommendation!

Justin Butchert CA

Definitely worth the money!

3D designs by David completed a 3D landscape design, which included 3D images of the design and 2D blueprints. The blueprints created are to industry standards and any competent contractor should be able to easily create the 3D design. It went great. In the end, I came away thinking "Definitely worth the money!" For me, that's all I can ask for when I'm spending money on my home, especially on items that cost a little bit more. David was great to work with, very responsive and listened to what I had to say, while at the same time using his years of experience to create a design that far EXCEEDED my expectations.

This is an investment in my property, and I feel that David did such a great and detailed job, that in the end he will probably save me more money (and time!) than what his services cost versus if I had gone with a lower quality 3-D landscape architect. Anyone who's hired and an architect could probably tell you that bad plans will cost you a lot more in the end because of the extra time and money spent on unanticipated changes needed to be made by the contractor.

I HIGHLY recommend 3D Designs by David!   

Jose Mora CA

absolutely recommend 3D Designs by David

3D Designs by David helped us get a project off the ground that we have been contemplating for years!  We have a landscaped acre in our backyard but we were having a hard time tying it all together with a structured roof over our patio that we wanted to incorporate.  David took our ideas and suggestions and was able to lay it out in a 3D Design specific to our property.  My husband is very visual and did not want to proceed with anything on this project until he "saw" it for himself.  He has a hard time visualizing what something will look like and with David, he didn't have to. 

I would absolutely recommend 3D Designs by David to anyone wanting to put a project together and not sure of exactly what they want or how it will look all together.  We were able to tweak a few things once the drawings were done and that was nice to make adjustments on paper versus costly adjustments in real life.  I don't think I would do another project without getting a 3D Design first. 

It makes all the difference!   

Erin & Jared Camp Merced, CA

he designed us our dream backyard

David O'Neal from 3D Designs By David came out and met with us and listened to what we were looking to do in our yard remodel and then he designed us our dream backyard.  He showed us a virtual construction design of what it would look like during the day as well as at night including all of the lighting.  Once the plans were in place he put us in contact with one of his contractors he uses and the yard became a reality.  Half way thru the project we decided to add a few additions to the project and he revised the plans and we had the new virtual construction design to us with in 24-48 hours. He is very prompt, professional, creative, accessible and easy to work with.  We are extremely happy with our project from start to finish and  would highly recommend David O'Neal of 3D Designs By David to anyone.

Melanie Chandler CA

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love how they create the visual conception

This is my second home that I have used 3D Design. I certainly would not have used them a second time if I was not 100% satisfied the first time. I love how they create the visual conception on how my yard can look. This allows you to see it first without having costly changes.

Not only do they offer a great visual product, but a great supervisor portion as well. Instead of dealing with multiple contractors, you only need to make one call to 3D Design and they take on the task of dealing with multiple contractors and issues at the same time.

I recommend this company to everyone I know.

James Massicotte CA

exactly what we envisioned

It wasn't easy for me to describe to David what we wanted in a backyard. From what I was able to mutter out of my mouth, David was able to transform into exactly what we envisioned... and more! It was amazing to see a blank dirt area transform into something that resembled a 4-Star vacation destination.

Currently, we are in the middle of construction and everything is coming together just as we hoped. I highly recommend his 3D Design Services as they really help bring the vision to life.

Jon Stabbe CA

excellent recommendations for all phases

Dave gave a complete 3D Design of what our landscape, lighting and ponds would look like, we now have a beautiful yard that looks exactly like David presented to us. He was there from beginning to end and provided us with excellent recommendations for all phases.

Shelly Rompal

exactly like the computer design

I couldn't see what my husband wanted to do with our back yard. 3d made it come to life twice. The computer portion was amazing and helped me see what to expect. When the work was done I was amazed that it looked exactly like the computer design. Although I knew what to expect I was amazed how beautiful our yard was. 3D never had a doubt about what they were doing. Awesome customer service and perfect execution Our back yard is like a park ! it is perfect thanks so much…We will always recommend 3d.

Katie Fauntleroy CA

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