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3D Virtual Construction Service Fresno - Design & Development of Residential Resorts

Welcome to the future of design, planning, and construction. Our feature service is the design and development of residential resort living, from simple to extravagant via 3D Virtual Construction Scale Modeling in Fresno. This allows our clients to see their project in every buildable detail before site construction; so you understand, the contractors understand, and the laborers understand. The project then is bid correctly and built correctly eliminating unnecessary change orders. The best form of communication is visual, not verbal, seeing is understanding. Seeing tomorrow today in every detail from materials to the magic of nighttime allows our clients to not only see, but to experience the very essence of their new destination place. Master designer David O’Neal will bring his 49 years of creative design and construction experience to your project. David, his wife Kimberly, and sons Jack and Gavin will creatively design and develop your resort-style destination place; whether it be for family and friends, a weekend getaway, a couples retreat, or an event function. Designed with purpose, function, social flow, romance, and of course, fun.

"Your Next Great Adventure Could Be Out Your Backdoor."

“ Not my job, my passion; not what I do, who I am. ”

Our Featured Construction Services in Fresno

Below is an example of our featured construction services in Fresno. Our construction services accommodate residential and commercial clients with projects large or small, simple to extravagant. We provide these services for owner-builders, your selected contractors, or our preferred contractors.

“We design for build and we are there to back up the design at build.”

Range of Our Construction Design & Styles

These videos are an example of our construction design, but not limited to, the design range styles available. If you can dream it, we can bring that dream to life allowing you to see and experience the buildable possibilities, allowing you to see tomorrow today, before site construction. 3D concept renderings and plans are typically misunderstood by you, the client. This typically generates unnecessary change orders and additional costs. If you have a relationship with the contractor and have complete confidence and trust, 3D concept renderings, and plans alone may work for you. If you want to completely understand your project in every buildable detail, be in control of your project, and not be disappointed at completion, we offer “3D virtual Construction Scale Modeling” with matching scale design plans that tell you the full story. The best form of communication is visual, it’s important that YOU completely understand your project, the contractor completely understands your project to bid it correctly, and the laborers completely understand your project. Invite David to share his 49 years of experience in design and construction and together we will design your personal destination place.

Construction Support Services in Fresno

if you are currently under construction and experiencing difficulties, please contact us, we can help resolve your problems with our Construction support services in Fresno were developed as a result of David’s extensive 49-year background in the construction industry as well as design client relationships. Analyzing many inherent unpleasantries through the construction process.

Featured Completed Projects

These featured projects were created and completed with the following 3D Virtual Construction/Designs by David services, project consulting, 3D virtual construction design modeling, project plans, construction support services and David as project creative director. Most of these projects where built by our preferred team of contractors and others with the clients preferred contractors accompanied with our construction support services and David as creative project director.


Note: 3D Virtual Scale Modeling is a, build as you see it, designed for build service with 2D matching scale plans.





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