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3D Designs by David is a unique design, plan and construction service offering many proprietary features. We start with extracting ideas from our clients and creatively illustrating your vision to visual with your target budget in consideration, making this process exciting, effective and easy to understand. By utilizing 3D virtual construction featuring building information modeling (BIM) this becomes the very important segway from designs and plans to construction completion. Your choices in today’s market have been salespeople, estimators, unbuildable 3D concept design operators. 3DDBD Now offers a better way to design and build your next project, below are many proprietary features we offer.

⚫️ 3D virtual construction.

⚫️ Building information modeling (BIM).

⚫️ Team of three professionals working on your project.

⚫️ On site design layout services.

⚫️ Lead designer with over 40 years experience in the construction industry.

⚫️ The most experienced 3D residential virtual designer in the Western states.

⚫️ Matching scale detailed project plans.

⚫️ Construction support services.

⚫️ Construction concierge services.


3D virtual construction / Building information modeling (BIM)…

Utilizing 3D virtual construction with building information modeling is an aesthetically buildable process with common sense practical engineering always keeping purpose function and social flow in mind. As you see it, it can be built down to every detail including but not limited to landscaping, furniture, special amenities, materials and even lighting. With our creative designs, plans and on site construction support services working with the selected qualified contractors utilizing professional certified architects and engineers complying with all city and state safety codes with a collaborated effort to ensure a better finished project while maintaining our planned vision. This is a virtual glimpse into the future that insures more of your expectations are met without any post design construction regrets. As your design team we will take your entire scope of work into consideration as well as designing your project within your target budget range. With 40 years experience in the construction industry we will help you make better choices and decisions as we plan and design your project.


⚫️ Project site gridding and 3DDBD project orientation survey.

⚫️ Project orientation placement layout sketch if needed

⚫️ Virtual construction modeling-replication of existing project area

⚫️ 3D virtual construction of all new structures

⚫️ Requested features and amenities listed on features and amenities page

⚫️ One 3D virtual construction design

⚫️ 3D virtual construction design revisions if needed per contract

⚫️ Development of scale detailed project plans by the numbers matching the final 3D virtual

construction design

⚫️ Development of Contractor project electronic bidding packs Per contract

⚫️ One master set of all virtual construction designs and PDF plans on thumb Drive

⚫️ Project plans

⚫️ One master project by the number design match plans

⚫️ Blowup specification plans if needed

⚫️ Concrete plan

⚫️ Landscape planting placement plan if needed

⚫️ Proposed electrical and plumbing

⚫️ Point of origin to termination point plot plan if needed

⚫️ Complementary service provided with full pay design services, export of contractor

project electronic bidding packs.


⚫️ Project Consulting Services:

When your project just is in need of suggestions and professional guidance.

⚫️ 2D Project Plans:

Whether your project is large or small plans are your map to a well-thought-out organized project.

⚫️ On-site Layout Services:

When you need a visual layout on the ground to better understand placement.

⚫️ Illustration and Design Services:

When our suggested design ideas are not required we will illustrate yours and bring your project for life.

⚫️ Architectural Rendering :

Whether you are the architect or the client, taking the architectural 2D design and bring it to life helps understand it in every detail.


⚫️ Project Creative Director:

Assuring every detail transfers from our designs and plans to physical construction of your project, working with your contractors maintaining our vision to project completion.

⚫️ Project Director of Communications:

This service assures effective communication, as your communication liaison with your contractors. Effective communication is a very important ingredient to a more successful, less frustrating, less misunderstood project while addressing your expectations.

⚫️ Construction Concierge Services:

Sometimes it’s necessary to have personal specialized services provided for you in your busy schedule. Whether it be selecting and providing project material samples, hardware selections and deliveries including but not limited to, lighting selections, outdoor kitchen hardware, hard scape samples, stone or tile just to mention a few important tasks that must be provided to keep construction on schedule.

⚫️ Contractor Bidding Packs:

Dispatching project design pictures and plans on your behalf along with any additional pertinent information to the contractors.

⚫️ Pre-construction on-site services and system:

Directing the start and continuity of your project is essential. As a result of many years analyzing inherent unpleasantries in construction, we have developed a comprehensive system that will clarify items putting contractor and client literally on the same page.   This service includes but not limited to, on site storyboard depicting every aspect of our project, current plans and an on-site contractor client meeting discussing roles, responsibilities, abilities and expectations.