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Featured Services

Below is an example of our featured services. Our services accommodate residential and commercial clients with projects large or small, simple to extravagant. We provide these services for owner/builder, contractor or our team of contractors.

“We design for build and we are there to back up the design at build.”

2D Scale Plans Basic to Level 5

Every successful project needs a well thought out plan, your plans are as important as a map in an unfamiliar place.

3D Virtual Construction Scale Modeling

3D virtual construction scale modeling, allowing you to see your project in every detail and identify and solve dozens of construction issues before construction, reducing or eliminating delays and excessive change orders during the construction process.

Featured Completed Projects

These featured projects were created and completed with the following 3D Virtual Construction/Designs by David services, project consulting, 3D virtual construction design modeling, project plans, construction support services and David as project creative director. Most of these projects where built by our preferred team of contractors and others with the clients preferred contractors accompanied with our construction support services and David as creative project director.


Note: 3D Virtual Scale Modeling is a build as you see it, designed for build service with 2D matching scale plans. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH UNBUILDABLE 3D CONCEPT DESIGNING