absolutely recommend 3D Designs by David

3D Designs by David helped us get a project off the ground that we have been contemplating for years!  We have a landscaped acre in our backyard but we were having a hard time tying it all together with a structured roof over our patio that we wanted to incorporate.  David took our ideas and suggestions and was able to lay it out in a 3D Design specific to our property.  My husband is very visual and did not want to proceed with anything on this project until he “saw” it for himself.  He has a hard time visualizing what something will look like and with David, he didn’t have to. 

I would absolutely recommend 3D Designs by David to anyone wanting to put a project together and not sure of exactly what they want or how it will look all together.  We were able to tweak a few things once the drawings were done and that was nice to make adjustments on paper versus costly adjustments in real life.  I don’t think I would do another project without getting a 3D Design first. 

It makes all the difference!   

Erin & Jared Camp Merced, CA