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Kentucky Testimonials

We love how it all turned out

We love how it all turned out and enjoy the outdoor space you all designed.  We have had several compliments on the layout and design.  In fact, last week I had a construction materials supplier at my house and he said our pool area was the best layout/design he had seen in our area and he has seen just about everything here.  We really appreciate your help and your input along the way!  Thanks again.

Todd Hopper Kentucky

knowledgeable and helpful

Excellent 3D drawing of our proposed pool and backyard landscape design. We were blown away by the 3D design video that David created of our pool and backyard layout. It really gave us the ability to see what our design would look like before building. It was a simple process of taking a few pictures and forwarding them to be used in the design. After a lengthy conversation detailing what we were looking for, David was able to create an awesome design. David is easy to work with, very knowledgeable and helpful in making suggestions about what works or looks good. Changes were easy once we had an initial draft. Well worth the money! Final plans are very detailed. 

Todd Hopper Kentucky

I could not be happier with his services

My family and I begin thinking about having a pool installed in our backyard. Of course the first question was "Where do we put it?" I had contacted several local pool installers and had them come over and they were happy to give me quotes and suggestions on where they would put the pool and layout of concrete surrounding the pool, but I was disappointed with their lack of creativity. I wanted something when people walked into my backyard that people said "WOW this look good". So I scoured the internet looking for ideas but I couldn't find any that suited my needs. In that process of searching the internet I discovered 3-D designs by David. Once contacting him I told him that I live out of state but could he help me with my design? Without hesitation he said yes. I emailed David with some ideas of what I wanted lots of pictures, short video clips, and dimensions of my backyard. David was prompt courteous and listened to my all ideas/concerns. Within a matter of a few days he had rough outline of the layout for our pool/backyard. Just with the basic layout I was very impressed at how well it looked. When David finished the final product complete with pictures multiple diagrams to scale I was blown away. It was as if he had read my mind on what I was looking for. When construction began we had scale diagrams, pictures and it took all the questions out of the builders for the pool and concrete workers minds on what I wanted. When finished my goal was accomplished when people walk in the backyard now see the pool I get tons and tons of compliments not only about the pool but the whole entire layout that David designed. I could not be happier with his services, it was money well spent!!!

Cliff Davidson Kentucky